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Skin needling is a non-ablative Skin rejuvenation technique that offers more physiologically compatible way of triggering collagen synthesis.

Micro needles create a multitude of tiny pin prick wounds to the skin which:

  • induce the release of growth factors that stimulate the production and formation of new collagen and elastin

  • enhance the penetration of topical formulations


  • visible and long lasting results usually after 6 weeks

  • natural collagen production for an year

  • minimally invasive

  • no skin damage (no epidermis removal)

  • short healing time


  • ageing skin: restore firmness and tightness to flaccid skin, improve overall skin quality and texture, smooth wrinkles

  • scars: reduce the appearance of atrophic and hypertrophic scars, improve scars caused by acne, chicken pox, burn.

  • pigmentation: to lighten pigmentation marks

  • stretch marks

  • cellulite

One treatment
One treatment with Skin Boosting
Three treatments (with home products)
Three treatments (with home products) and Skin Boosting
from £ 250
from £ 280
from £ 700
from £ 750
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