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What are Profhilo Treatments and Sunekos Treatments?

When you read articles written from the medical world, the terms are so confusing and hard to understand. Skin booster articles, for example, will talk about Sunekos or Profhilo treatments for curing. What does this even mean? Dr. Alberti Aesthetic Medicine knows, and she tells us a little more about the treatments.

Dr. Alberti Aesthetic Medicine explains that Profhilo and Sunekos treatments are used to give the skin deep hydration. These are both methods of putting tiny bits of hydrating gel into your skin. They enhance your skin on a biological level and hydrate.

These treatments use an element found in nature and your skin, not some harmful chemical.

To get these treatments, Dr. Alberti Aesthetic Medicine suggests that it takes around 30 minutes for the consultation and treatment. It is non-invasive and there’s no downtime associated with it. So in just a short time, you’ll have more rejuvenated skin and you can go about your day.

Profhilo and Sunekos treatments help your skin stay young, and it eliminates tiny wrinkles. They’ll also get to work on dark circles or eye bags. It can be used on many different parts of your body, and Dr. Alberti Aesthetic Medicine knows how to give these treatments.

If you want to learn more about these concepts or any other, Dr. Alberti Aesthetic Medicine is a great contact. You can reach her directly on her website, her social media accounts, or by giving her a call. Her site also has useful information about her practice and the services she offers. For an expert doctor in aesthetic medicine, reach out to Dr. Alberti Aesthetic Medicine.

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